Tour of the World’s Best Wines of 2013

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Wine Barrels Holdinh Winery Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

Some say that drinking wine is currently in fashion and that the ¨Grape and Wine¨ tours are a must have experience of the moment whether you are at the vineyards of Burgundy, Tuscany, or tasting the famous wines of Chile.  Among the many hues, terroirs, bouquets, cuts, and flavors of wine, our World Insider Travel blog presents you the best wines of 2013, according to the world most important critic; the Concours Mondial de Bruxelle.

Wine Tasting Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

Tasting Wine glasses Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

Best White Wine 2013: Circe 2012 Verdejo (Rueda – España).

Best White Wine 2013 Circe Verdejo Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

This incredibly cheap wine was voted ¨Best White 2013.¨It is described as being fragrant, silky, fresh with aromas of exotic fruits and floral notes. See: “Wine Route in Spain.”

Grape: Verdejo
Average price: $12
Recommendation: Seafood, foie gras, pasta dishes, rice and salads.

Best Rosé Wine 2013: Château la Gordonne la Chapelle Gordonne 2012 (Provence – France)

Château Gordonne Chapelle Gordonne 2012 best rose Wine Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

The bodega was founded in 1652, meaning that this award-winning wine lived through the Provence wine revolution. The wine is fresh and fruity, accented with red fruit, citrus and floral notes. It is powerful and thin on the palate. Read: “Wine Routes in France.”

Grape: Grenache and Syrah.
Average price: $26

Best Red Wine 2013: Duvalley Reserva 2010 (Douro, Portugal)

Duvalley Reserva 2010 red wine winner Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

This best red wine of the year is a classic, mature, long and creamy libation. It is truly endless in its intensity, both in color and in taste and aromas. Information: Tour the wines of Portugal.

Grape: Touriga-Nacional and Touriga Franca
Average price: $26

Best Sweet Wine 2013: Peller Estates Riesling Icewine 2008 (Ontario,Canada)

Peller Estates Riesling Icewine 2008 sweet wine best 2013 Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

This wine is one of the most unique but authentic wine to come from this region. It is a true gem stemming from the Canadian winter, where their grapes arrive to freeze and unfreeze 8-10 times. The Riesling grapes are harvested at 14° F, each grape only producing only one drop of extract.

winerys ontario canada Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

Served as a dessert wine, it is defined by its complex and rich taste, and considered to be an elegant wine for winter nights. With its fruity notes of orange, nectarine and lemon drops and aftertaste guava and lemon, it leaves an unforgettable taste on your palate. Learn more at: Travel to Ontario wines.

Grape: Riesling.
Average price: $80
Recommendation: Best enjoyed until 2016.

corks wine year Tour of the Worlds Best Wines of 2013

As the new world of wine is revealing all of its delicious sensations, the old world is surprising us with their unique and intriguing tastes. The world of wine is noteworthy  for is revolutionary journey though the world, traveling from places like South Africa, Australia, Uruguay, and California, USA. Think about discovering new cultures through the wine route and make your trip one with true taste and elegance. Have any recommendations on wines for us?

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