“Follow Me” photos by Murad Osmann

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Going on vacation soon? Are you looking to take some beautiful and original pictures? Let the World Insider blog take you around the world on this photo journey; a perfect idea for you next trip.

picture11 Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

Today, we are going to join Murad Osmann through his picture perfect journey. There has been quite the buzz around this young Russian photographer and the unique way in which he preserves his memories of traveling around the world with his girlfriend. He has a series of photographs, based around his muse, his girlfriend, where she is photographed with her back to the camera and her holding hands with Murad.

Murad Osmann attributes this ¨artistic masterpiece¨ to his girlfriend, who was tired of continually waiting for him, so she would start to go forth, dragging him by the hand. He then captured this moment and decided to do so in such a specific way, that these pictures became his signature and became well known around the world.

We have selected our favorite shots:

During a trip to Egypt, at the temples of the pharaohs:

muradosman egypte Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

When traveling in Asia: Before the famous monument of the monastery of 10,000 Budhas,  with a snake in Bali, in the rice fields, and in a swimming pool overlooking Singapore.

photofinal asie Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

During their epic journey to Europe: From Carnaby Street in London, on a gondola in Venice, through the streets of  Russia,and in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

photofinal europe Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

During their trip to Times Square, NYC:

MuradOsmann time square Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

They went to Disneyland in Hong Kong:

photofinal parcatractions Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

And finally the last pictures aren´t of them travelling but rather there everyday life. We liked their originality:

photofinal viequotidienne Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

So now you have an idea of ​​original photo series for your next trip! Are you also wondering what the face behind these amazing pictures looks like? The World Insider blog will reveal it to you!

femmemuradosmann Follow Me photos by Murad Osmann

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